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I will officially stop drawing Flame princess.
Because I hate being stolen from.
And I hate all this shipping pressure.
And all things that make me do fanservice shet instead of learning some truth from my headcanon Fp's personality.
In short,
I'm just sick of this shet.

Also, I have a little note here for a certain someone:
If you think going to a person's deviation and preaching them whatever the fack you got to preach about is considered righteous... think again. It only makes you an asshole.
You should remember that not everyone likes our religion. (I am a Christian)
You should remember everyone has the freedom to not follow what we follow.
If you bully them for liking yaoi, you are a fucking asshole.
Keep that shet to yourself.
Jesus did not go around pointing out people were sinners.
He gave them the choice to follow him or not.
Respect people's opinion.
You got that you little shet?
He never asked you to force your beliefs upon others, betch.
If He would hate anyone, He would hate on you.
But who am I to know who God loves? Not me. AND NEITHER DO YOU
And you lack of a legitimate comeback in an argument is insulting. Linking bible verses is not intelligent okay?
Forcing your opinions on others is not intelligent either, asshole.

I quit because of shets like you. I'm pretty sure some of you would have hated me if I said I shipped GumballxMarshall

But you know, I am a person.
I have my own life.
And I will not let someone random online jerk boss me around.
That includes stealing my art and cropping out my watermark.

Have I made my point?
Pssh.. and if you still like me after this statement. Good luck finding my other ask account.
I'm not deleting this one so I still have claims to my art in case some bastard claims them.
(Also I give groups the privilege to kick me off)
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I would say happy birthday, but I doubt you'd see it.
BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist…

Also, sorry for what happened to your art. I never stole from you, but you have my sympathies...
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Happy Birthday. 
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Hey, I heard it is your birth day today, and if that's so then I thought I would wish you a happy birth day....
May your life be good and you prosper and for no one to bring you down, good luck and happy birth day. 
Master7761 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Happy birthday to you and for many more to come.
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